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Hey everyone! soooo this is the very last chapter on You can runaway with me, anytime you want! I'm afraid ficwad is being stupid so i have to post it here. D: enjoy xoxox

Gerards POV

I woke with a slight weight on top of me. An aching pain shot through me. Jeez, the sofa was so uncomfortable. I forced my eyes open to see Frank was sleep on top of me, snoring slightly and dribbling a little on my bare chest. A smile crept to my lips.


I cooed, fiddling with his hair. Frank mumbled something and wiped his mouth. Why was this dude so fucking adorable?! Even him dribbling on me was cute. He was just one of those perfect people that could not shower for a month or brush their teeth and still be a sexy fucker. Slightly smelly mind you…

I looked at Frank, noticing we were both naked. I let go of his hair and trailed my hand down to his bare ass, groping it just gently. Frank grunted slightly, making me chuckle.

“Hey, Frankie, get up! I got coffee and chocolate cake!”

I lied. Frank opened his eyes slowly.

“You do?”

He asked, excitement tainting his words. I shook my head.

“No, get the fuck up!”

I beamed. Frank pouted.

“Fuckin’ liar.”

He mumbled, prising himself off of me. We were rather sticky after the events of the previous night. Frank got up and tugged on his boxers. I did the same before going to check on Bandit whilst Frank made us a coffee. Bandit was playing with her teddy bear. She had chosen to name it ‘Frankie’ and had drawn big black x’s over the eyes with permanent marker. She looked up at me and her adorable little smile came to her lips.

“Daddy! Me and Frwankie are drinking Starbooks!”

She giggled, waving teddy Frank about. She had never quite grasped how to say Starbucks, so she just said ‘Starbooks’ instead. I chuckled.

“You are? Frankie loves his coffee, doesn’t he?”

Bandit nodded and stood up, outstretching her arms so I could pick her up. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her downstairs, sitting her on the sofa. Frank smiled up at me from his coffee. He looked so hot in his boxers. I smiled and started on Bandit’s breakfast.

Franks POV

Whilst Gerard was sorting Bandit out, I went for a shower. I smelt like sweat after the sex. My heart fluttered at the memory. That moment was so perfect… I wrapped a towel around my waist then went into Gerard’s room, searching for a hoodie of his to put on. A buzzing nose came from the bed. It was his phone. I skipped over and picked it up, looking at the caller ID in disgust. It was LynZ. I pressed the hang up button and switched the phone off. I didn’t want her to ruin the time me and Gerard had together. He was mine, not hers. I threw the phone under the bed.


I muttered bitterly under my breath. I grabbed Gerard’s onesie and tugged it on, heading downstairs again. Gerard was dressed and talking to Bandit about going to the park with Alicia and Mikey because Gerard and I were busy; we needed to go food shopping and according to Gerard, Bandit was a pain when it came to shopping. She had a habit of discreetly putting things in the basket or in her pockets for the fun of it. Gerard smiled at me as he saw me.

“Hey! My onesie!”

He huffed. I giggled and sat myself in his lap.

“Shush. I think I look hot.”

I teased. Gerard wrapped his arms around me securely.

“You always look hot.”

He muttered, making a faint blush come to my cheeks.

~5 hours later~ Gerards POV

We came home after a lifetime of bloody shopping. I ditched the bags in the kitchen and Frank did the same, hugging me from behind afterwards.

“You trying to bang me again?”

I joked, earning a chuckle from Frank.

“Only if you want me that badly again baby.”

He purred, pressing dainty kisses to my neck. I smiled and turned around, pressing my lips against his briefly. I pulled back and smiled at Frank.

“I love you Gee.”

“I love you too Frankie.”

We just held each other close for a bit before we sat on the sofa, Frank straddling me. He crushed his lips against mine, forcing his tongue in my mouth. He tugged at my hair, pressing himself against me. I kissed him back, allowing his tongue in my mouth. I moaned quietly and Frank smirked against my lips. The click of the front door caught my attention, but Frank didn’t seem to hear it. Shit. What if it is Mikey? What if he sees? Oh shit, what if it is mine or LynZ’s mom and dad?! No… They would all knock, not just come in. The only person that would come in without knocking would be me or LynZ… A bang on something hitting the floor made both me and Frank jump. We tore ourselves apart, looking over to see who was there, panting a little.

To my horror, there stood my raven haired wife, her mouth hanging open and her face in a mix of hurt and shock. My heart sank. Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuckery fuck fuck.

“LynZ! It isn’t what it looks li-“

“How long?”

Her voice was laced with pain. I winced.

“No… LynZ… Listen. I am rea-“

“Don’t try your bullshit with me Gerard! Jamia was right… I should have fucking listened… Shit! Answer my question! How fucking long have you been having this affair?!”

She hissed, tears sliding down her cheeks. Frank winced at the sound of his ex wifes name.

“Since you left.”

I whispered, rather ashamed. I got Frank off of me and stood up, walking towards her.

“LynZ, please, just hear me out?”

“No. No wonder you didn’t answer my fucking calls. I needed you to pick me up from the airport… The tour was cancelled last minute because Kitty’s mother was rushed to hospital and… I am so stupid!”

“My phone hasn’t been going off.”

I mused, more to myself. I moved over to her and she shot me a glare then one similar to Frank. If looks could kill we would have been incinerated into nothing but ash right then.

“Get away from me! You cheating, lying bastard!”

“Lynz! I am sorry. It was a mistake okay?! You are my wife!”

I whimpered, going to grab her hand. Her hand collided with my cheek. Mother of god that was the worst slap ever. My cheek stung and my eyes brimmed with tears.

“Fuck you Gerard Way! Cheating faggot scum! I hate you! I don’t want to ever see you again you bastard!”

She screeched, running upstairs into Bandit’s room. Frank was curled up on the sofa, sobbing his eyes out himself. I ran after LynZ, seeing she was shoving everything of Bandit’s into a pink suitcase. My heart skipped a beat. No. She can’t leave. Or take Bandit away from me.

“What’re you doing?”

“Getting away from you. You… You are never ever going to see Bandit again. I am taking her and then you can be happy with him.”

She spat.

“You can’t! You can’t take her away from me!”

I yelled. I was not letting go of Bandit! She was my daughter.

“Watch me, asshole.”

LynZ spat, running downstairs with the full bag and grabbing her own bags, lugging them outside.

“LynZ! Please don’t do this!”

I pleaded, grabbing her shoulder. She turned to me, her tear-stained face filled with pure disgust and anger.

“Fuck you. You’ll get the divorce letter by next week.”

She said, cramming the bags in the car and driving out of sight. I felt my legs weaken and I didn’t bother trying to hold myself up. I collapsed on the floor in a sobbing shaky mess. I lost my wife and daughter… Frank crawled over to me and tried to hug me but I shoved him away, sitting up.

“Leave me alone! I don’t want your fuckin’ sympathy!”

I snapped. Frank whimpered.

“This is your fault!”

I said defensively. Frank glared at me.

“No it is not!”

“Yes it is! I have just lost my wife and daughter because of you!”

“You told me you loved me! I love you!”

I got to my feet, as did Frank. He whimpered, tears slipping rapidly down his cheeks.

“I don’t love you!”

I lied.

“You used me?!”

He asked, a little shocked. I avoided the question and went upstairs. He followed and went to get changed.

“You are blaming you being a whore on me?”

He asked. I rolled my eyes.

“Fuck off. I don’t want to be near you!”

I hissed.

“Because you hate me. You always have. I was just there for sex wasn’t I?”

Frank sobbed. I winced. I loved Frank. I loved LynZ.

“Leave me alone! This wouldn’t have happened if you had just have put up with Sam or just killed yourself when you had the chance!”

Frank whimpered.

“Gerard, you don’t mean that… I love you.”

“Yeah well I hate you.”

With that, Frank just left and I was left alone to cry.


I sobbed for a few hours then I went to get a coffee. I returned from Starbucks fairly quickly. I downed my coffee and went out for a few fags.  I grew bored and lonely after a while so I headed upstairs, going to my room. My foot squelched in the carpet. I took a few steps back and knelt down, feeling the wet carpet. What the hell? I went to the handle of the bathroom door which was clearly where the water was coming from and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge. I soon grew a little panicky. What the hell was going on? Was Frank in there?! I knocked lightly on the door.

“Frank? You in there?”

I asked, pressing my ear against the door. I could hear the taps running but no other movement. I fumbled in my pocked for my credit card; the lock on the door was crappy so it was easy to get in when you used the credit card to slide the lock back. After a few minutes of endless trying to open the bloody door, I heard the lock flick. I pushed the door open nervously and stepped inside. The floor was like a mini swimming pool. There were numerous little pills scattered over the floor as well as the empty bottle.

Gerard Arthur Way- Eszopiclone

My insomnia pills… I looked in the bath to see Frank, pale and limp in the crimson water. His wrists were slashed to shreds and he had another one of my pill bottles in his hand. He was fully clothed.


I screamed,  rushing to his side as I dialled 911 on my mobile and begging for an ambulance. I gave the address then hung up. He looked so peaceful. Like he was finally happy. I whimpered.

“Frankie, please, wake up for me baby… Please.”

I begged as I sobbed into his shoulder. I switched off the taps and lifted him out of the bath and into the hallway. I shook his shoulders desperately, needing some kind of response from him.

“Please baby… I can’t lose you too!”

I pleaded. I could already hear the sirens outside and soon enough paramedics were rushing around, trying to save him. I heard a woman trying to talk to me but everything became a blur. I couldn’t hear her. I didn’t want to. Right now, I wanted to be curled up with Frank. Someone shaking my shoulders snapped me to the harsh reality.

“We are terribly sorry Mr Way. There is nothing we can do… He is gone.”

A young pretty woman said, looking sympathetic.


Frank’s gone.

I have lost my best friend.

I have lost my boyfriend.

There is nothing they can do to bring him back to me.


I have nothing.

LynZ has gone.

Bandit has gone.

And now Frank has gone.

The woman pressed a wet bit of paper into my hand.

“This was on the side.”

She whispered. I looked at the paper in my hand.

I still love you Gee xoxox

“I love you too Frankie…”

I whispered, endless tears streaming down my face.

And to think the last thing I said to him was that I hated him…

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